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Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches

Bedale Town Council is very keen to support and encourage the involvement residents of Bedale and visitors to the town in activities which will improve their health and well-being. The Council therefore wants to actively promote the use of the Town's public open spaces, and Bedale Park in particular, by Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches.


In order to facilitate these activities and to ensure that all Park Users can enjoy the Park's special atmosphere at the same time the Town Council has produced a set of guidelines for such use of the Park and a Licence agreement for all Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches that would wish to run classes in the Park.

The Outdoor Fitness Licence runs for 12 months from April to March. The charge for 2017-18 is £50.

Outdoor Fitness: Code of Conduct 2018-19

Outdoor Fitness: Terms and Conditions 2018-19

Outdoor Fitness: Licence Application 2018-19


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