Bedale Town Councilors

Andrew lives in Bedale with his wife having moved here in 2004. He is now retired following a career in the MOD Police. He spends much of his time serving the community volunteering for: Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs (SYD), Bedale Community Library, The Cinnamon Trust, and Sue Ryder. He is currently Chair of Trustees of the newly formed Bedale Community Library CIO.

Why I am a Councillor:

“I am impressed by the character of Bedale and by the friendliness and community spirit of its people. Bedale has an expanding community and with the number of existing and projected new housing developments its infrastructure is coming under increasing pressure. I want to ensure that Bedale is able to meet the challenges that these pressures bring without losing those qualities which makes it special and unique.

As part of the democratic decision making process my wish is to represent the residents of Bedale in an effort to ensure that they benefit from future developments and initiatives and that they feel that their concerns are being recognised, acknowledged and addressed.”

What I want for Bedale:

“Having a library in Bedale is very important to me. I helped petition against the library becoming a Community Managed Library with the loss of its paid staff. Inevitably, due to cuts imposed by Central Government, NYCC decided that libraries would be a casualty."

"The Bedale, Aiskew and Leeming Bar bypass/relief road will bring a long awaited reduction in the congestion due to the amount of traffic passing through Bedale. What I do not want to see is Bedale passed by; initiatives need to be developed to keep Bedale an attractive and safe place to stop and spend some time.”

Summary statement:

“Bedale is a great place to live. If you have any concerns that you wish to bring to the attention of the Council that cannot be answered or addressed elsewhere on this site then please feel free to contact me.”

address 71 Stapleton Close, Bedale, DL8 2UA

Malcolm lives in Bedale with his wife. He retired after serving 30 years with the North Yorkshire Police Force many of which he worked in the Bedale area. After retiring from the Police Malcolm also worked at Bedale High School as a science technician. His hobbies include woodturning, wood carving and going on cruises.

Why I am a Councillor:

“I have lived in the Bedale area for over 40 years and have been involved with many community projects. I like to do my best for the benefit of Bedale and its residents.”

What I want for Bedale:

“I want to ensure that Bedale gets a fair deal and that issues are listened to and get acted upon. I want to see on the completion of the relief road and gateway car park, as well as Bedale continuing to be a vibrant and prosperous market town”

address 8 Stapleton Close, Bedale, DL8 2UA

Mike has lived in Bedale and Bedale District for all of his life is married and has 3 grown up children who were all educated in Bedale. He is semi-retired but continues to run his own consultancy business. He previously worked as a Building and Planning advisor for government bodies for 26 years and prior to that as a qualified Builder. He has a degree in Town Planning. His hobbies include cycling, caravan holidays and gym classes.

Mike also represents Bedale as a Councillor on Hambleton District Council.

Why I am a Councillor:

“This is my second time serving on Bedale Town Council, first being a Councillor in early 2000. I have always had an interest in my local community and have been on various committees including School Governors, Bedale Hall, Bedale Scouts and Guides and Bedale & Village Community Forum. I believe that everyone should give back some time and contribute to the community in which they are part of.”

What I want for Bedale:

“I want Bedale to preserve its historic market place and important buildings, have a vibrant business and retail centre for residents and visitors and grow in a natural organic way to benefit all.”

Summary statement:

“I am always available to help should you have any issues you would like to raise or discuss.”

address Pine Lodge, Pinewood Grove, Bedale, DL8 2BQ

Mandi has lived in Bedale for almost 20 years having moved here to be nearer to her late husband’s place of work.  She has three children runs two businesses and also a volunteers with North Yorkshire Police working from Bedale Police station.  

Why I am a Councillor:

“Becoming a councillor wasn’t something I had planned to do. I came along to meetings to find out about the area, became interested and then became a Councillor to be more involved. The things that motivate me are new challenges. I am a very positive person and strive to keep looking on the positive side.”

What I want for Bedale:

“I would like Bedale to be the place to shop and for families to want to visit and enjoy.  Bedale is a lovely friendly place to live and work.”

Summary statement:

“I will as a Councillor endeavour to listen and to do my best for the Town of Bedale. I have enjoyed living here and would hope the same for others.”

address 4 Beresford Close, Bedale, DL8 2UF

Christine has lived in the Bedale area since 2000 with her husband David. Her two children attended Bedale High School and she was involved in the Friends of Bedale High School fundraising group for 12 years.

Christine worked in Sales and Marketing until 2007 when she had to give up work when she lost a lot of her sight and was diagnosed with MS. Her hobbies include gardening, she and her husband have an allotment on Masham Rd, cooking, holding garden parties for family and friends and also as charity fundraising events.

Why I am a Councillor:

“My main reason for being a Councillor is that I hope to make a difference. I always feel that wherever I live, I should be part of that community and should involve myself in all that happens there and be able to give something back. When I could no longer work I found I had a lot of free time and wanted to put it to good use. If I can make Bedale a better place to live and work then I will be happy.”

What I want for Bedale:

"I want to see Bedale go from strength to strength…to be a lovely place to live in, work in and to visit. I am a realist and realise that to prosper we have to move with the times. We cannot just rest on our laurels and say ‘Bedale is an old fashioned market town and that’s the way it should stay’ because that just won’t work. We have to keep pace with the 21st century but not let it spoil the feel of the town. This is the challenge we face."

Summary statement:

 “I hope you find this site helpful but if you want any more information then please contact me.”

address 14 Newton Crescent, Leeming, DL7 9TB

John is a Bedale man who lives in the town with his wife. Their three, now grown up, children all attended Bedale schools. He runs his own business selling print supplies and enjoys hobbies of music, football and films. He has served as a Councillor with Hambleton District Council since 2011.

Why I am a Councillor:

“I have lived in the town for 53 years and want what all residents want; the best for Bedale. I know that without dedicated Councillors the town will suffer.”

What I want for Bedale:

“All the issues that affect Bedale are important to me."

Summary statement:

"Bedale is a great place to live and work.”

address 9 Masham Road, Bedale, DL8 2AF


John is married with two grown-up children and has lived in the town since 2002. He is a retired Planning Officer who has had two spells with Hambleton District Council,; in the mid 1970's (when his office was The Ballroom in Bedale Hall!) and from 2003 to 2015 when he retired for the second time. His main area of work was in Bedale itself and the surrounding villages. He is a volunteer with the Bedale Tourist Information Centre and involved with the Bedale "Litter Busters".

Why I Became a Councillor

Although I retired in 2015 many people did not realise this and would stop me in the street and ask me questions about current issues! I therefore decided that it would make sense to remain involved and try to have an input into maintaining and improving the special character and vitality that the town has. To drive into the town from the direction of Crakehall and see St Gregory's Church, Bedale Hall and the sweep of the Georgian buildings is something which always makes me feel grateful to be able to live here. In addition to conserving its original characterful buildings we need to maintain the community spirit and economic vitality to safeguard its future.

What I Wish For Bedale

Every time I work a shift at the Tourist Information Centre at least one person will come in and say "What a lovely part of the world this is". It is true and I want Bedale to continue to have this appeal for visitors and also to remain a great place to run a business or service and to live and bring up a family.

address 28 Ascough Wynd, Aiskew, Bedale, DL8 1AT

My name is David Ingram and I have lived in Bedale for the last 16 years, I am married and have two sons who both attend Bedale High School. Myself and my wife, both former members of the Armed Forces, settled in Bedale whilst still serving. Bedale is a friendly town, a place that once you have spent an hour or two here it feels like you have been here for ever. A peaceful and safe environment in which to bring up a young family. At the age of 54, having served nearly 30 years in the Army, and now managing a supermarket, I feel now is the time when I could and would like to give something back to the community.

In the time we have lived in Bedale we have been very impressed with the sense of community that is clearly visible through events such as the amazing annual Bonfire and Fireworks and Christmas Fair. Both these events also bring visitors in to the town, so helping boost the local economy as well as encouraging return visits to investigate and take in all that Bedale has to offer.

I am passionate about the Bedale and the surrounding environment and looking after this fantastic town we live in, ensuring as a generation we secure it’s future for those that follow us. I have joined Bedale Town Council as I feel I have the skills to help keep up the excellent work that the Council carries out and would love to be part of it and give back to the community.

address 5 Pinewood Grove, Bedale, DL8 2BQ
address 71 Stapleton Close, Bedale, DL8 2UA

I moved to Bedale from West Yorkshire in 2018, along with my husband Mike and our cockapoo Maggie.

From the first time I heard the Church bells ringing out the time, I knew Bedale was special. The community feel here is like nowhere I've lived, it took a little while to get used to absolute strangers smiling and saying hello when they passed on the street - the friendliness is so genuine and welcoming. 

You’ll often find us enjoying one of our many favourite local businesses and Maggie in particular loves how dog friendly Bedale is.  

Why I am a councillor: 

Over the last three years I’ve come to know Bedale really well.

For a little town, there's so much activity, pride and ambition, I'd like to actively contribute to making sure that continues.  

Up until recently I’ve been an ambassador for Yorkshire, helping towns and villages county wide to thrive. I’d now like to put that energy and enthusiasm into making sure Bedale remains a vibrant and aspirational destination to live, work and visit.

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