Bedale Litter Busting Champion receives the Bedale Community Award 2018

On May 8th the Bedale Community Award 2018 was awarded to Claire Gerard for her commitment to serving the town by Councillor Christine Mollard, Mayor of Bedale. Claire was presented with a framed certificate, a parchment citation and a bottle of wine.

The citation reads:

Claire has been instrumental in setting-up and establishing Bedale Litter Busters, a team of volunteers carrying out the invaluable task of keeping Bedale tidy. Claire has been the driving force behind this amazing community venture which has taken on the task of keeping our town free of litter and dog waste.

The Bedale Litter Busters have grown from one or two dedicated volunteers to 10 to 20 plus volunteers who meet up and “bust” various “litter hot spots” in and around the town and the surrounding area.

Claire is also working towards setting up the “Mini Litter Busters” which will mean encouraging the current Litter Busters to bring their children and grand-children on their regular litter busts. Claire has even organised a number of “litter pre-sweeps” of the Bedale Junior Football pitch to ensure that the pitch is free of dog waste.

The Town Council and the community of Bedale would wish to show their appreciation for all your efforts in managing this successful community venture.

On accepting the award Claire was quick to say that she wished to receive the award 'as a representative of, and volunteer for' the newly formed litter busting group.

Published: 22/05/2018 Published by: Judith Cockburn

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