Councillor Philip Cockburn

Philip is a Bedale man who lives in the town with his wife & son. He has worked as a Civil servant for the past 35 years mainly at Catterick Garrison and still has a number of years to work before been of pensionable age. His hobbies include socialising, BBQ’s, music events, camping, motorbikes both modern & classic.

Why I am a Councillor:

I was born and brought up in Bedale and have enjoyed the friendly vibrant & prosperous atmosphere here. Having lived in the town for most of my life I want what all residents want, for Bedale to stay the same friendly and caring place whilst growing and moving with the times. I felt I could benefit the community by serving as a councillor.

What I want for Bedale:

I would like Bedale to be a warm friendly and caring place to raise families and welcome visitors. With a varied shopping experience where independent local establishments thrive alongside the big names on the high street.

Summary statement:

As a Councillor I am here to do my best for the Bedale area. I enjoy living here and would like to see this continue for all.

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42 Firby Road