Councillor Pamela Hallett

Pam has lived in Bedale with her husband Andy since 2004. She has a daughter and four grandchildren so spends time supporting and encouraging them and enjoying their company when they come to stay. Since leaving her permanent post in the teaching profession she has looked for ways to give something back to her local community. She is a Trustee, Secretary and Volunteer at Bedale Community Library and is a founder member and current President of Bedale Twinning Association. She also undertakes Benevolence visits for her Teacher Trade Union, the NASUWT and is on the Executive Committee of the Richmondshire and Hambleton Branch which meets in Bedale.

Her hobbies and interests include reading, listening to music, undertaking singing lessons, playing various instruments at a beginner level, Scrabble, crosswords, antiques, art, jewellery design and studying. She also attends conferences and events organised by the NASUWT on a regional and national level. She has an ongoing passion for education, for the welfare of children and young people and for the NHS. She is delighted that Bedale is the second town to have ‘Makaton Friendly’ status.

Why I am a Councillor

I decided to stand as I wholeheartedly believe in democracy. I also feel that the composition of any Council should reflect the population which it is elected to serve and having attended two Council meetings, I felt that there was a gender imbalance which I could, in a small way if elected, start to redress. I also have a heart for the people who perhaps are feeling that they do not have a voice, that there is no one to listen to their concerns or help them to find solutions or at least take them forward. I have a heart for the lonely and the elderly, for the single parents, for those who may feel that they are isolated in their struggles and I hope that I can make even a small positive difference to their situations in that they feel that there is someone who will at least listen.

I have undertaken post-graduate courses of study throughout my career, as studying to improve my education and my knowledge base are important to me. During the last fifteen years of my professional life I had the opportunity to move, part time at first, into the world of my Teacher Trade Union. I became a caseworker, negotiator and trainer, delivering courses around the UK. I was also elected on to the National Executive in 2004 which broadened my experience, all of which, I hope, will better equip me for Council life. I am not afraid of hard work and I will do my best for the community which I serve.

What I want for Bedale

I would love to see the town and its environs retain the vibrancy and character which have been so much part of its life since I first got to know Bedale more than twenty years ago. Although there are well understood challenges, a key part for me would be to see full occupancy of our Market Place shops. This is an aspiration which I hope we will achieve in the fullness of time.

I would like to know that residents feel safe in their own homes and on the streets of Bedale and surrounding villages. It concerns me that many of our elderly people are afraid to go out in the evenings once it gets dark. It concerns me also that many services are being squeezed and a great worry to a large number of people is the proposal to downgrade provision at the Friarage Hospital.

Summary Statement

I care very much about Bedale, its environs and its people and will do everything I can to serve them well.

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71 Stapleton Close