Council Meetings

Ordinary Council Meetings

All decisions that are made by the Council are made in public meeting. The Council meets once a month (on the second Monday) to discuss and make decisions on the items set on the agenda. From time to time representatives from local groups and charities may be invited to address the Council to inform it of new developments or to request support for a particular project affecting the people of Bedale. The agenda for the next Ordinary Meeting is published in the week preceeding the meeting. The minutes of all recent meetings are available on this site.

(If you cannot find the minutes that you require please contact the Clerk).

In May all electors (residents of the parish) are invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting. The Mayor (Chairman of the Council) and Deputy Mayor are elected each year at the Annual Meeting of the Council.

Calendar of Ordinary Meetings:

May 2017 to May 2018

All meetings are held in The Drawing Room in Bedale Hall at 7:00pm (unless otherwise stated)

Ordinary Council Meeting

12th June 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting

10th July 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting

14th August 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting

11th September 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting

9th October 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting

13th November 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting

11th December 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting

15th January 2018

Ordinary Council Meeting

12th February 2018

Ordinary Council Meeting

12th March 2018

Ordinary Council Meeting 

9th April 2018

Annual Parish Meeting

8th May 2018

Annual & Ordinary Council Meeting

14th May 2018

Recording of Meetings

Recording is allowed at Town Council meetings which are open to the public, subject to the Council's policy.

Policy for Recording Meetings


Ordinary Council Meetings

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