Councillor Christine Mollard

Christine has lived in the Bedale area since 2000 with her husband David. Her two children attended Bedale High School and she was involved in the Friends of Bedale High School fundraising group for 12 years.

Christine worked in Sales and Marketing until 2007 when she had to give up work when she lost a lot of her sight and was diagnosed with MS. Her hobbies include gardening, she and her husband have an allotment on Masham Rd, cooking, holding garden parties for family and friends and also as charity fundraising events.

Why I am a Councillor:

“My main reason for being a Councillor is that I hope to make a difference. I always feel that wherever I live, I should be part of that community and should involve myself in all that happens there and be able to give something back. When I could no longer work I found I had a lot of free time and wanted to put it to good use. If I can make Bedale a better place to live and work then I will be happy.”

What I want for Bedale:

"I want to see Bedale go from strength to strength…to be a lovely place to live in, work in and to visit. I am a realist and realise that to prosper we have to move with the times. We cannot just rest on our laurels and say ‘Bedale is an old fashioned market town and that’s the way it should stay’ because that just won’t work. We have to keep pace with the 21st century but not let it spoil the feel of the town. This is the challenge we face."

Summary statement:

 “I hope you find this site helpful but if you want any more information then please contact me.”

Cllr Christine Mollard


14 Newton Crescent



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